Travel Demand Forecasting

Regionomics offers unique expertise in travel demand forecasting.  Dr Haider, Dr. Mohammadian, and Dr. Lord have focused on various aspects of travel demand forecasting.  Dr. Haider specializes in land use modeling.  His work has focused on creating the interfaces between land use and travel demand models.  In addition, he is developing new methods to represent space in the traditional travel demand models. 

Dr. Mohammadian specializes in auto-ownership levels and their impact on travel demand.  He has developed innovative solutions to forecast travel demand while controlling for the level of automobile ownership at the household levels.  Dr. Lord has developed techniques to incorporate traffic safety in the traditional travel demand models.  Dr. Lord has received numerous awards for his innovations in the analysis of road safety and traffic engineering. 

Projects in transportation include:

  • Regionomics Inc. co-authored a report on infrastructure development and employment creation in Ontario (2013).
  • Consultant to Infrastructure Canada to develop a freight planning manual for Canada (2007).
  • Consultant to CMHC to model travel behaviour and activity patterns in 8 new urbanist and traditional neighbourhoods in Canada (2006-07).
  • Consultant to Transport Canada for the analysis of international trade and seaport capacities (2007-08).
  • Consultant to Transport Canada for the analysis of shippers’ and carriers’ mode choices (2005-06).
  • Consultant to Transport Canada to review freight data collection methods (2005-06).
  • Adviser to the City of Montreal to review Right Turn on Red at Signalized Intersections.